Your VA can plan winter events

With summer holidays a fading memory, attention for many of us now turns to autumn events, and planning for Christmas.

Perhaps you have a Beaujolais event to plan, fireworks party to arrange or need to start thinking about a staff Christmas party. Whether the events are for your company, or for your friends and family, arranging those events can be stressful and time-consuming. So asking a virtual assistant for help makes complete sense.

Why not ask your VA to research venues, to find an ideal place for your event such as a local restaurant or bar. Then there is the date – what is going to work for most people, and which dates should you avoid as there are already major happenings planned for the day? An assistant can discover the vital information for you, so that your event is on the right day, maximising acceptances from those you invite.

If it a charity event, then your assistant can help with tickets and arrange for any printing, send out invites and maybe even set up an automated response via a system such as Eventbrite, helping to make administration simpler.
Then there is food and drink to consider. Depending on your choice of venue, there may be caterers to arrange, menus to circulate and decide on, drinks and glasses to be ordered. Perhaps you will need temporary help on the night, with waiters and waitresses on hand to serve guests – again, a virtual assistant will help arrange this for you.

Alternatively, it may be the Christmas season as a whole that you are dreading. Staff expect to be offered a Christmas party, and if you are busy and need fresh inspiration for the event, then the outside help afforded by a virtual assistant can really add impetus to choosing the venue. Simply give your brief, the rough location and expected number of guests, and perhaps an indication of budget, and ask your VA to come up with some inspiring ideas for an event that every member of the team will remember positively. It does not need to cost the earth!

Alternatively, you might want some help at home as you plan for the end of the year. From gift buying and wrapping, to planning accommodation for guests, there are a host of tasks to be planned and carried out, and a virtual assistant will do any of those that you ask, quietly and efficiently. Plan ahead, and you will ensure the tasks are completed before the festive season actually arrives – so you can enjoy it more than last year. As you only pay a virtual assistant for the time they spend on your tasks, the whole experience is highly cost-effective.

Why not get in touch with TimeWise VA today to see what we can do for you.

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