Xero – It’s time to switch

If you haven’t moved your number crunching to an online software platform yet, why not? What’s stopping you, a fear of change? A move to real-time, online accounting and bookkeeping could transform your business. It’s time to switch to Xero

At Time Wise, we’re big fans of cloud-based, online financial management, and while other platforms are available, we partner with Xero and provide a valuable support service for a range of clients, using it on a daily basis. Because of this, we are fully up to date with its latest developments, enhancements and expansion as Xero grows to meet the changing needs of the accounting and bookkeeping environment.

Among recent updates, is an improved link with HSBC to help those who do their banking with that group. The move, plus the addition of a link with Cumberland Building Society, means there is now a Xero link to ten major UK banks.

So what benefits might you enjoy by taking the leap to an online financial platform such as Xero? First, there’s immediately updated information. Second, your accountant should be able to integrate with Xero – saving you accounting fees. If your accountant is not on side with such changes, you may want to discuss this with them to find out why they are not happy to evolve to a cloud based accounting system which is growing into one of the world’s most popular accounting platforms. Third, moving to a cloud-based solution gives you more options regarding hiring outside help for your bookkeeping.

As a virtual assistant, Time Wise VA can provide a range of bookkeeping services for clients, that all interface efficiently via Xero. Want your expenses taken care of, entered and allocated to specific clients or projects? No problem, we can do that quickly and efficiently with Xero, ensuring you get everything logged and recharged. Need invoices creating, chasing or payments logging, scanning and logging receipts? Again, not a problem, we can help.

The big deal here, is that you can log in to see what’s been done, and what point the company finances are at, in real time. The software ensures many of these entries interface directly with your accountant’s requirements, providing them with reports that save them time, and save you fees.

And if that move from traditional accounting still looks scary, why not call Time Wise VA? We’ve helped many clients make the move to digital financial management and online accounting, so we’re used to holding hands – and we’re convinced of the benefits of changing. Phone now on 0161 211 9837 and see how we can help you, or you can find out contact details here. We look forward to helping you evolve to what we think is the best online accounting platform.

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