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Why do you feel like you’re running out of time

As a small business owner, you’re always juggling time, and it’s not unusual to wear a plethora of hats that each represent an important function of running your business.

You’re the marketer, the networker, the critic, the boss and the employee. You’re HR and wellbeing, the training coordinator and the accountant – at times feeling overwhelmed and out of time.

Everyone else is talking about how their business is going to grow and become more successful this year, and you’re still trying to work out how to use Canva! Perhaps you’re still finding your feet and working hard to bring in clients, whilst trying to service the ones you already have.

Time…it’s a real juggling act!

…and that’s even before the school rings to tell you that the little one is poorly again, or that your boiler service is due (and you’ve completely forgotten to call the bank again!)

We’ve written a lot of content since starting this blog about how to save time, when to outsource and what you need to know before choosing someone to support you. There are plenty of resources for you to review whilst you’re finalising this year’s strategy.

But this post is just to say : well done!

Another year begins for your business, so take some time to write down your achievements from the previous year, what you’ve learnt, what you’d like to do this year, who you’d like to work or collaborate with and what you’ve learnt about yourself in that time.

In order for things to become even bigger and better in 2023, you need to tie up those loose ends and get some clarity.

Sometimes, this can also come from really looking at your accounts before you make your submission. Where were your big spends? Are you paying for things that your business doesn’t need anymore? What area of the business needs more investment this year?

At this point, it might just look like numbers on a page, but if you’d like to understand how to interpret that data better, or perhaps an analysis done for you, why not get in touch for a brief consultation?

Maybe this year is the year you get a little more support in managing your books!

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