Why a VA will make great Powerpoint presentations for you

Are you the sort of person who is inclined to spend far too long preparing presentations? Perhaps you keep amending and fiddling with them until the last minute, in an attempt to improve what you want to say, and how you express it. The process can often lead to stress and heartache, as you rush to finish off your slides, just as the deadline for travelling to that important meeting comes close.

If so, then a virtual assistant would be a great asset, as they can help prepare presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint.

The beauty of asking a virtual assistant to work on a presentation for you, is that they will remain emotionally detached from the job. Briefing the VA on the task will force you to think clearly about what you want to presentation to achieve. Who is the audience, what messages do you want to get across, and what is the outcome you desire at the end of the process? If it is a sales presentation, for example, how do you get the presentation to finish at a point where your audience will want to buy?

Once briefed, the virtual assistant can then get to work on the presentation, undertaking any research necessary and laying out the presentation slides using a suitable templated design. Most virtual assistants are experienced at producing presentations, which means they can work quickly and efficiently, and deliver well laid out and formatted slides that are guaranteed to look good. Headlines will all be a consistent size, while bullet points will be laid out correctly.

Your presentation may need to contain illustrations, which a VA can source if you have not already gathered them together. If you are the sort of person who is inclined to get carried away using clipart, your assistant will be the rational counterpoint to your excesses, only adding in those illustrations that add to the message. They can edit, crop and resize photographs and illustrations easily and quickly, to ensure the presentation slides look the part. They also act as a valuable sounding board; their fresh perspective on the information means they will ask questions for clarification, if your presentation does not flow well.

Working professionally on their task, the virtual assistant will be able to deliver your presentation in good time, so that you do not need to play around with it until the last minute. They will do their best job for you, so that the points you want to get across to your presentation audience are made clearly, without wasting any time on unnecessary extra information.

So with your next presentation in mind, spare a moment to think how much easier it would be, if you have a virtual assistant prepare those Powerpoint slides for you. That would be one headache removed, for sure. So don’t delay, get in touch now!

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