Virtual Bookkeeper. The time for tax returns is coming

With the April end of tax year fast approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about preparing your accounting materials so that annual accounts can be readied for submission. If you don’t have a bookkeeper to file your tax returns, Time Wise VA can help by providing a virtual bookkeeper.

While many people are guilty of leaving their online assessments until a moment close to the tax submission deadline, those who are organised will set to work over the coming months, well ahead of the final date. Establishing your financial position sooner rather than later puts you in a better position to know how much tax liability you have. You can also consider other issues such as planning capital allowances, and capital spending, in the current year, as well as making a provision to pay the tax due.

Hand in hand with this process is ensuring your bookkeeper has everything up to date. Or, if you don’t have a bookkeeper to help with the process, perhaps now is the time to find one! This is especially true, if you are still operating a paper-based system, or using simple spreadsheets and Excel to log your financial transactions.

Think about it – it’s probably not time or cost effective for you to be handling your own bookkeeping, managing your expenses, and reconciling incomings and outgoings. Hire a virtual bookkeeper, and you only pay for the time of theirs that you actually use – it can be significantly less costly than taking on even part-time staff.

A virtual bookkepper from Time Wise VA can ensure your expenses are maintained up to date, invoices are logged, and suppliers paid in a timely fashion. Many today use online bookkeeping and accounting packages, such as Xero, which provide further efficiency savings; the bookkeeping function integrates neatly with an accountant’s requirements when preparing periodic accounts and submitting annual returns to Companies House.

These modern online systems also allow you to see your financial position in real time, giving you greater clarity over your company’s profits and cashflow. Your virtual bookkeeper can handle the often time-consuming task of logging expenses, and allocating costs against specific clients for billing.

Today, you can even upload receipts via a smartphone app, by simply photographing them, with the system able to instantly identify costs paid from the image. If you are not using one of these systems, think how much time it could save you! Upload your receipts daily, rather than put them in a pile for you to spend time sorting out later.

So, if you are one of the people who tends to leave accounting and finances to the last minute, racing to sort things out as a HMRC filing deadline looms, isn’t it time to turn over a new leaf? Call Timewise VA today, to see how little some bookkeeping help could cost, and how much of your time it could give you back. Make your next financial submissions stress-free – call today!

To find out more about how a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Bookkeeper can help you and your business, please call 0161 211 9837 or email For more information, or contact us here.

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