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Virtual Assistants and tasks you can outsource

Those in the know may rarely share the details, but there are a wide variety of tasks you can ask a virtual assistant to help with. The list may be as large as your imagination – after all, the whole point of virtual assistants is that they can simply take care of things, so that you can concentrate on what you are best doing.

Make a list for your Virtual Assistants

It’s worth taking some time to make up your own list of tasks that you would like to outsource. But to make that task simpler, here are some ideas.

Bookkeeping is famously a task that small business people are bad at, yet it is something that really helps drive cashflow and enables a business to understand where costs are really being spent.

Time Wise Virtual Assistants specialises in working with the cloud-based accounting system called Xero, and can perform a range of bookkeeping functions, ensuring that regular items just get done, in a timely fashion.

As Xero does not require special software, clients can access their updated information anytime, from anywhere.

Specific bookkeeping tasks can include preparing sales quotes and invoices, entering invoices and expenses on purchase ledgers, credit control, organising VAT returns, and payroll.

These can be carried out on a planned basis, leaving a business owner with more time to work on their business rather than in their business.

What else can a VA help me with?

Another area where a VA can really help, is in the preparation of documents of various types.

Unless you really are a whizz with Microsoft Office, it is highly likely that you would benefit from having your virtual assistant prepare documents for you, saving you time and giving you a highly professional-looking document to send out to clients or prospects.

You can send over your base material for a letter in many formats, from a hand-written note, to a roughed out sheet, to even a dictated sound file, or a voicemail.

Your Virtual Assistant can then format the document, having it ready as a professionally laid out letter that you can print and sign, or a PDF ready to send by email.

If you find that you need to use spreadsheets in your business, ask your Virtual Assistant to help.

They can create new spreadsheets to perform specific tasks with data, enter updated information into an existing Excel sheet, and check formulas to ensure a spreadsheet is fit for purpose.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you need the support of a VA to cover holiday absences, or are wondering about the benefit of working with a virtual assistant on a regular basis, to improve your efficiency, make that call now.

While the ideas outlined above may be useful for you, don’t forget that a VA can do many other things too – just contact our friendly team at Time Wise VA today..

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