Use a virtual assistant to cover staff sickness or holidays

For any business, staff sickness can be a problem. For a small business, it can often be a major headache, as there are few additional team members available to take on extra work.

So, if you are faced with handling staff sickness, perhaps somebody who will be off long term sick or on maternity leave, how can you plan ahead to minimise the problems you face? Alternatively, perhaps you are now, suddenly, faced with someone who will be off ill, perhaps due to sudden illness or having an accident – so what can you do to get some help, fast?

In either case, call a virtual assistant right away. Many can provide immediate support, and any good virtual assistant will be sure to help you plan ahead to cover staff absence or put holiday cover in place. A virtual assistant is a cost-effective, flexible solution to staff shortages, which will ensure the rest of your team are not left struggling to cope. You only pay for the support you need, for as long as you need it.

Remember that a virtual assistant is very familiar with picking up new tasks and managing them quickly and efficiently. They typically have several clients, who may call on them as needed, so usually have a very flexible approach that means they can handle the extra workload you need help with. You simply pay by the hour, as you need.

While a virtual assistant will not usually come to your premises or offices, they can usually be deployed remotely to handle a wide range of tasks, particularly administrative items and phone support. They can handle emails, administrative electronic filing, make and receive telephone calls and handle the resulting inquiries for you.

Often, it is easy to give a virtual assistant access to electronic systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, or contact management files. And it is often simple to divert telephones to your virtual assistant. Often they are able to provide a dedicated transfer number, ensuring that every phone call you divert is answered professionally and in your company name.

To make the most of a virtual assistant, you might have to make some small rearrangements regarding who completes which tasks in your current office set-up. But this will be a small price to pay, for the extra help your team receive from their new, virtual team member.

So, if you are planning ahead for the summer holidays, get in touch today and book the time you think you may need, to help cover the dates when people in your team are on holiday. You could book the same virtual assistant to cover the holiday absences of a number of staff, through the year.

The main thing to remember is that just because your staff numbers drop, it is not necessary for everyone else to wear themselves out, trying to cover for their absent colleague. Cost-effective, flexible help is at hand – from a virtual assistant.

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