Unleash the power of the phone, with a VA

Have you ever thought of using a virtual assistant to make phone calls for you? They are ideal for organising hotel, flight and other travel bookings, even bookings of tickets for the cinema or theatre. While some of these tasks can be easily carried out online, there are times when they need a call to be made.

Consider a situation where you need to gather some important data, that is not already available from an online source. A virtual assistant can make the calls, ask survey questions and provide you with the feedback required, promptly and accurately. They will have the benefit of focusing entirely on that task, ensuring you get the information you need quickly.

Sales calls and setting up appointments are obvious tasks a VA can do. If there is a list of people who need contacting, then it may well be very time efficient to simply hand your assistant that list, and wait for feedback and a list of consequential actions. It is ideal if you are on a long flight or driving all day.

Someone we know calls the telephone a “weapon of mass communication”, but this fantastic work tool can become a right nuisance for those of us who are too busy. So, if the telephone is eating up your busy time, and you’re snowed under with voicemails you have no chance to answer, now might be the time to use a virtual assistant, to harness its full capabilities.

While plenty of us may try to conduct business with emails back and forth, it remains a fact that there are still plenty of situations where a telephone conversation is quicker and more effective. For example, arranging a meeting in one of three potential time slots, it is something often achieved more easily with a quick phone call, rather than sending a stream of emails back and forth.

So, how else can a virtual assistant help you? If you are really busy, the VA can answer your calls for you. With modern mobile phones it is easy to divert calls, and your assistant can answer calls professionally on your behalf. They can dismiss the cold callers, take a message from others and also, if they have access to your diary, make future arrangements such as meeting bookings, on your behalf. Then, at the end of the day, they can send you a summary of the calls that mattered, all in one email that it will take seconds to read through.

Don’t forget, you can use a virtual assistant as little or as much as you need. So phone answering can be managed for you on an as-needed basis, for example when you are on holiday. And if you are busy managing a show stand at a trade exhibition, why not ask a virtual assistant to manage your incoming calls for those few days, so you can concentrate on face to face meetings with new prospects.

Having your calls answered for you, also makes a positive impression. Rather than going through to a voicemail, callers will often think your organisation has a team of staff. This benefit is something that smaller companies and one man bands can use to their advantage, when dealing with larger organisations that are potential clients.

To relieve the pressure on your phone answering, and to ensure you get those calls made right away, you need to make just one call. So pick up the phone today, and call us for help – you’ll be very glad you did!

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