Try Xero and find your accounting hero!

Are you wondering what sort of accounting software you should use, to help streamline your business? If so, you should be sure to include Xero on your shortlist.

At Time wise VA, we recommend Xero and use it daily to help a range of clients with their bookkeeping. And many then work with accountants who also favour Xero, for its ease of use. As a result, the accounting function becomes a seamless, efficient part of their business with the minimum of stress or hassle.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software system that includes a range of features making it easy to understand and use. Designed to work across all formats of computers, tablets and mobiles, it makes for easy invoicing, bank reconciliation, bill paying and expense claiming. For those with staff, it also handles payroll functions, too.

For the bookkeeper, Xero is a great starting point to help capture and allocate costs and expenses, streamlining the capturing of receipts and invoices. Time wise VA works with a number of clients and Xero, helping manage the bookkeeping function that means the finances are quickly and efficiently managed.

For those already using existing accounting software that want to upgrade to the convenience of Xero, then it is quick, simple and smooth to export data and transfer with Xero’s Movemybooks function.

As Xero is online software, there is no need to purchase expensive software up-front, or have to worry about you having the correct specification computer, in order to run the software. Being web-based, users simply pay a monthly subscription, set at a level depending on the type of support required. Everything is stored safely in the cloud, with all data backed up so it can never be lost. Imagine how convenient that is, if you currently use a paper-based system in your study or office.

If you have any questions about using Xero, then the team at Time wise VA can help. We know from the experience of our own clients, how swapping to Xero can make businesses of all types more efficient, and cut down wasted double entry of information, while ensuring business continuity. Often, clients find they can get paid more quickly, too, helping with their cashflow.

Why not enquire about handing over your bookkeeping work to Time Wise VA today, and free up your time for the things you do better, such as winning new business, and serving your clients. Give us a call on 0161 211 9837, or Contact us here and see how we can help you!

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