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Tripcatcher: How to Utilise a Mileage Tracker for Your Business

Depending on the size of your business or even if you’re a sole trader, diligently tracking your business mileage can feel like an arduous and challenging task. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the more accurately you can keep track of business mileage, the more money you can potentially claim back as a tax relief. Now it’s even easier to track your mileage with the Tripcatcher app.

Historically, you or an employee has had to fill in all the data needed in a paper or digital mileage tracker, perhaps an Excel sheet, for example. But, this then needs to then be passed on to your accountancy department or independent accountants, adding even more in the way of administrative tasking for you and others to deal with.

Thankfully, there is a solution in the way of Tripcatcher mileage calculator. As an app that integrates with Xero and Receipt Bank, Tripcatcher works to help you keep an accurate account of any business miles you or employees mount up. There’s a huge amount you can do with the app, such as logging your business-related miles, creating expenses reports and updating online accounts.

While you can utilise this mileage tracker for yourself, here at Time Wise VA, we’re dedicated to helping businesses save time so they focus on what they do best. So, to learn how we can help your business start integrating Tripcatcher into your accounts as well as save you time and money, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now.

How does Tripcatcher work?

As mentioned, Tripcatcher allows authorised employees from your company to log the mileage expenditure into the app, which then automatically calculates VAT on fuel costs, reducing the VAT bills you pay. But, it’s important to note that it’s only the allowable VAT that’s accounted for here. Over time, this will save you a significant amount of money, potentially hundreds of pounds per year.

Tripcatcher’s mileage calculator can be conveniently accessed through a web browser or through a phone app, making it easy to log miles whenever an authorised user may be. All of this data is then stored in the cloud, meaning it’s safely stored away for recall at any time should you need to access historical mileage data.

If you make frequent trips to a particular place you can simply save them to your favourites to make life even easier. But, if you aren’t quite sure about the distance travelled then Tricpcatcher will take care of the calculations for you to ensure your records are as accurate as possible.

While tracking your business mileage is one thing when it comes to convenience, being able to effortless transfer this expense data to Xero and Receipt Bank is a huge bonus. Thankfully, Tripcatcher makes the whole process as simple as possible, publishing your expenses in real time, as and when they happen.

So, how can Time Wise VA help your business to start utilising Tripcatcher?

At Time Wise VA, we help alleviate the burden businesses face when dealing with bookkeeping, Xero accounts, or secretarial services with our virtual assistant. But, if you’d like to learn how our team can start integrating your business mileage into Xero which we will then include in a clear monthly expenses report, please contact our friendly team at Time Wise VA today.

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