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Tips for Managing Remote Employees During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has totally rewritten the rulebook for businesses across the world. Now, it’s imperative that businesses find a way to harness the technology that’s available in order to maintain their productive output with workers safely at home and managing remote employees.

This is a monumental change for some businesses while others will already have a work-from-home policy in place and may not need tips for managing remote employees. However, at this moment in time, there are a number of other factors to consider while countries around the world work to get control over the spread of the pandemic.

There’s no telling when you may find your employees have to take time off working due to sickness or stress while we tackle the coronavirus pandemic. At Time Wise VA, we are here to help alleviate any pressure your business may face while employees are unable to work or adjust quick enough to working from home. To learn more about how we can help, please contact us now

Don’t add any unnecessary stress

As a leader, it’s vital that you maintain your cool and help already stressed employees achieve their best in less than ideal circumstances. There’s no doubt that this period of uncertainty is going to be as hard on you as a leader as it is for your workforce and stressful moments will undoubtedly arise – try to take a step back and remember that your attitude will have an impact on the morale of your employees.

Don’t forget that your employees’ mental health is going to be tested

One of our top tips for managing remote employees focuses on mental health. For some of your employees, adjusting to a home-working environment will be easy. However, some may find it difficult and this may be reflected in their productivity. Much like our first tip on remote workers best practices, don’t add any stress. Instead, approach your employees you may feel are struggling in order to establish what’s wrong and see if you can help or alter their workload to better help them.

But, your employees may find that their mental health is tested far beyond the pressures of work and working from home. They may have fears about the virus’ impact on themselves, their family and friends which may also affect their performance. It’s vital that as a leader you stay aware of your employees’ mental health, anxieties, and personal issues during this time.

Prioritise tasks that are achievable given the circumstances

There’s no doubt that your business is going to have important goals to aim towards, but helping empower your employees along the way is vital. So, focus on prioritising tasks that are achievable even in these more challenging circumstances to help boost team and individual morale in the short term. This will go a long way towards helping your business to achieve more challenging targets if your employees already know they’ve hit targets in the past. 

Managing Remote Employees – Don’t let your employees go it alone

In your workplace, you may be able to leave employees to work in an autonomous way but that isn’t necessarily the case in a work-from-home environment. Daily routines have shifted and distractions may be present in a way where they were not before. Make sure you check in to ensure that workloads are set at an appropriate level and help guide employees by offering them remote workers best practices to learn from.

Set yourself a schedule to check in with employees on a regular basis and provide them with the opportunity to speak with you privately should they have any concerns. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to schedule team video conferences if possible. This should help to keep your team’s morale boosted and reinforce comradery within the team. 

Reach out to external expertise

The people you’ve employed are obviously capable to do their job, but there may be times when the shared workload gets too much to handle with ease. At Time Wise VA, we help businesses to overcome the tougher moments with administrative tasks as well as with their bookkeeping requirements, If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak or for additional tips for managing remote employees, please contact us now.

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