Three small changes to Xero that have improved the all round usability

A new option to Approve & Print in one go from sales invoices

When producing Sales invoices (it is at the bottom) next to the big green Approve button there is a down arrow. Click on this and you will find four options one being Approve & Print

Recognition of Payee and Description columns in CSV bank statement files

This is more apparent when you are importing bank csv files; it now gives us the option to import the Payee with a separate column for Description.

This is my favourite and if you have been doing it the long way round then you will notice this as being a breath of fresh air!
Changes to the bank reconciliation screens Xero have simplified the actions you can perform on the Account Transactions screen by removing all but one button! The remaining button, Remove and Redo, is likely to be the most common action you’ll perform against reconciled transactions. It simply deletes your account transaction and unmatches the bank statement line, ready for you to reconcile again from the Bank Reconciliation Screen.

So there are now two options : Remove & Redo and Unreconcile.
Remove & Redo = account transaction deleted + bank statement line unmatched
Unreconcile = account transaction unmatched + bank statement line unmatched

Ie. in most cases, and if in doubt, use Remove & Redo. It deletes the account transaction from the Account Transaction tab. Account transactions are:
Bank transactions (spend money, receive money, overpayments, prepayments and transfers) under the Options button

Payments recorded on a sales invoice, bill or expense claim, or payments created by Xero when you reconciled. These are marked with Payment… front of the payee name again under the Options button

Adjustments added during reconciliation (when the transaction in Xero didn’t quite match the imported bank statement line).

It unmatches the bank statement line (as a result of the account transaction being deleted)

It changes the Balance in Xero.

So all in all a very useful change and a good one to know


Xero have said that Purchase Orders are coming soon! I can’t wait for this one as I have a client that this feature would be a brilliant option to use than their current one.


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