The Broadway and Failsworth Lifesaving Club

What a fantastic start to the year for the Broadway and Failsworth Lifesaving Club (Club). I am their Voluntary Treasurer, Secretary and Internal Verifier.

The Club is affiliated to the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) and as we train members for The National Lifesaving Qualification (NPLQ) I, as Internal Verifier, have to make sure that our members get the best training available. If there are any problems of any sort we can resolve these by my working with both the Trainers and the Members.

I have just posted the dates for Open Water 2011 on our website, In the download Open Water 2011 Application Forms, and the dates are also in the diary on the site. So we will be gearing up for the first one in May. But before that all the paperwork has to be completed. This consists of the Application Forms, Risk Assessment etc and meetings to make sure that we have plenty of teachers to cover, especially with the younger members of the club.

As we have trainers qualified to teach the National Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NBLQ) we work with two other local clubs, to ensure that we are spreading the availability of this qualification, to anyone who wants to attend and attain the NBLQ. We had, about 3-4 years ago a young guy who wanted the get the qualification before going to Australia. He did get it and he went to Australia, we haven’t seen him since, so take it that he stayed!

More on this subject as the summer season progresses.

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