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There are a growing number of online accounting and bookkeeping systems available today, but at Timewise VA we are particular fans of Xero. Developed in Australia, Xero already has around three quarters of a million users, and is predicted to soon grow that number to one million.

The cloud-based software has a number of attractive features, and is constantly being developed so that it works ever more effectively for business. And as we use it to help several clients, our own Xero skills are strong and always being enhanced.

A highly flexible system, Xero allows your virtual assistant to take on those elements of bookkeeping that you don’t have time to keep up with, yourself. You can choose how much of the data entry and expense allocation your own team do; alternatively, you can outsource the whole process to your VA, leaving you free to concentrate on the tasks that you are more efficient at.

By both having access to the data stored online, it is possible for you to have a quick look via a simple dashboard, to see your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims all in one place. It is easy to add new transactions, with a single click. And Xero can also be viewed on mobile, ensuring you can check the dashboard at a time that suits you, when on the move.

Here are just a few ways that Xero helps us work closely with our clients, to handle their bookkeeping and administration smoothly. That means they save time and trouble – and know just where they are financially, with the minimum of fuss.

Xero allows a user to import Gmail or Outlook messages into its system. The great benefit for this is that, within Xero it is possible to review all the emails to or from a particular customer. And, with contacts integrated, it is also possible to embed an email message into an invoice or a quote, a real bonus that can help speed up communication.

For companies or organisations that send out regular invoices, Xero makes it simple to send repeat invoices. And, if there is a discount for loyal customers, Xero will do the calculations for you.

These features are just a small part of the Xero capability, which includes integration with other popular accounting systems. That means your bookkeeping function can be carried out by Timewise VA, and when its time your accountants can log into the same system, then quickly extract the information they need to prepare accounts.

If you are struggling with a manual, homemade accounting or bookkeeping system, perhaps it’s time to migrate onto something altogether more efficient? Call us to discuss how Xero could help transform your bookkeeping, and make your finances altogether easier to manage.

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