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Summer plan for your business

We know, it seems a bit early in May to start thinking about a week in Marbs or the 6 weeks of having the children around in July and August. No mention of beach bods here, thank you very much! We have more important business things to share with you.

But, it’s actually the best time to make sure that you and your business are summer ready. At Timewise, we’re keen to share our tips for saving time and being prepared. So, first thing’s first…

Understand the impact the summer will have on your business

If you’re a solopreneur, there’s really only yourself to think about. You need to consider your own schedule, whether that includes juggling childcare, avoiding the tourists or jetting off and making sure you get the work done or covered by someone you can trust whilst you’re away.

“But I’m a business owner, I’ll never get a proper holiday again”.

It might feel like that right now, but there are things you can do right now.

  1. Understand your financial position
  2. Consider automation
  3. Notify your clients
  4. Look at a VA
  5. Diarise it

By working on these now, you’ll be in a much stronger position when it comes to actually being able to put your phone down and switching off. Understanding your options might dictate how long you go away for, and how long you spend working each day. You might review time differences and Wi-Fi coverage, but let’s face it, being organised now is going to make a big impact on your ability to relax.

What if you have a number of staff to manage?

Well, this calls for next level organisation skills! You’ll now need to find out what annual leave has been declared already, when is the last day possible to book leave before the schedules are finalised, and what availability everyone might have to pick up some extra work.

Know your numbers

If you think you might have a number of staff off, work out how many can take leave at once and what budget you might have for temp staff, if required, to keep things ticking over. If you know you have Payroll to run and the individual who usually handles this is away, it’s worth looking for a qualified and experienced cover until they return.

Got any gaps in your business that you’re struggling to fill?

Did you know that you can work with us on a monthly basis as well as calling on us for ad-hoc support? With a wealth of experience supporting businesses of all sizes and sectors, Timewise is on hand to keep your business moving, meaning you can step away for a day or two. Get in touch to find out how we can help you. You’ll find our details in the footer or head over to our Contact page.

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