Start out right with help from a Virtual Assistant

Starting a business? It’s exciting, right – but it can also be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much to do, it can be difficult prioritising what needs doing first, and what is most important.

And like most startups, finances will be tight. As a result, many businesses begin life with their owners doing everything themselves, to save money. But the experience of many successful companies proves that it is better to think strategically, and to outsource, in order to optimise growth. Otherwise, you end up spending too much time working in the business, and not enough time working on the business.

How can you avoid getting bogged down with the wrong sort of tasks? No sooner than you start out, take a little time to stand back and focus on what you are spending your time on. Consider what you are really good at – and look for help doing the things you are not so good at. And when you are looking for fast, flexible, proficient help, there’s no need to hire an expensive member of staff. Simply hire a virtual assistant by the hour, instead.

A virtual assistant usually works for a range of businesses, carrying out a variety of administrative and support tasks for them. That makes them very proficient at those tasks, quickly cutting through document preparation, invoice preparation and transmission, and so on.

And, in contrast with a new member of staff, your virtual assistant will only cost you money for the hours they are working effectively for you. You don’t pay for holidays, sickness absence – or their time spent in the office drinking tea.

A virtual assistant’s experience can also be invaluable when it comes to setting up systems that help your business run efficiently. They’ve probably tried several options, before coming up with their preferred spreadsheets, CRM systems, and accounting set-ups. So, why not ask a virtual assistant to help you get set up? It’s a lot easier to start out organised, rather than try to implement a new system when you are months or even years down the line and trying to replace a clunky, inefficient system that’s no longer serving you well.

Help from a virtual assistant can also ensure that your cashflow improves – a vital consideration for any business, but particularly when you are setting out. Ask your VA to arrange sending out invoices in a timely fashion, and you could also get them to chase up payments so that customers and clients don’t drag their feet when it comes to settling up.

That’s enough ideas – it’s time to act. If you’re starting out in business, now is precisely the right moment to get your virtual assistant helping. Pick up the phone and dial 0161 211 9837 or click here to contact us now!.

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