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We all love spreadsheets, and most of us use Microsoft’s globally famous Excel programme. But the curious thing is, too few of us actually know much about the software’s phenomenal built-in tools, that can be seriously helpful in improving business efficiency.

So, what’s to do? Well, one bright idea is to ask for help. Rather than soldier on doing things inefficiently, why not call on a virtual assistant who has plenty of experience in using Excel spreadsheets, to help transform their value for you?

A well designed spreadsheet will work out expenses and VAT for you; give you an immediate readout detailing customer accounts; and let you know how your cashflow is faring. Alternatively, an Excel sheet can be used to keep tabs on marketing campaigns, sales success and key costs.

You can ask a virtual assistant to sort out your existing, poorly organised spreadsheets; or you can give them a brief for what you want to achieve, and wait for your Excel ninja to work things out for you from scratch.

Perhaps you have a range of spreadsheets that need checking for accuracy? Often, spreadsheets can be corrupted when they are shared with others in the office or the team. Formulas get changed, extra columns get added in, and calculations that everyone relies on, can become unreliable. In that case, the best thing you can do is ask your virtual assistant to check through your spreadsheet, certify the formulas within the sheet, and lock them down to prevent others from changing them.

A virtual assistant is ideally placed to help you with this work. Separate from the regular, day to day activities of your business, they can concentrate on the job in hand and fix broken spreadsheets.

Isn’t it time you realized that you’re not all powerful when it comes to Excel? And, let’s face it, you probably haven’t got the time to spare to become really good at devising Excel spreadsheets to suit your business needs. So why not ask a virtual assistant to come to your aid, sorting out formulas that no longer work, and developing sheets that will shortcut your vital business functions. Even a simple, tailored expense sheet could save you and your team hours every month, by allowing data to be captured and logged efficiently, with VAT and mileage calculations executed automatically.

What are you waiting for? Call or get in touch today and get your Excel sheets sorted out, and ensure new spreadsheet tools are developed to make your business more efficient. A little outsourced expertise has the potential to truly transform your business efficiency.

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