Plan for expansion with a virtual assistant

If you are finishing the year reflecting on what a busy one it has been, here’s an idea to ensure you have a happy new year. Plan your growth with the help of a virtual assistant, or VA.

A virtual assistant is a highly flexible way to provide essential business support. As a result, you can plan to grow without worrying about the hassle of employing new staff, before you have the profits to pay for them.

Whether you are a one person freelancer, or a small company with several staff, take a moment to reflect on your situation. If you are flat out with workload, but not sure if it will continue into the next year, then the ideal solution is to get flexible help. With a virtual assistant, you can hire your help by the hour, and pay for it when you need it.

Contrast that with having to find a new member of staff, arranging interviews, planning their induction and then finding a new salary. Even if you take someone on the staff part-time, there are high fixed costs including National Insurance, holiday pay and sickness pay.

Hiring a virtual assistant is easy – just pick up the phone and call. If you struggle with the idea of working with a stranger, why not ask them for testimonials from other clients. Alternatively, you can use online systems such as Skype or Google Plus, to have a video call from your desk and meet your virtual assistant via your computer screen. With today’s technology, it is easy to set up a virtual assistant with an email address and phone forwarding, which makes them appear part of the team, as far as customers are concerned.

A virtual assistant will be able to help take on a wide range of support work, freeing you and your team up to concentrate on customer-facing work. Financial work from invoicing and chasing payments to bookkeeping, email management, sales follow-up are just a few ideas; it may be possible to request phone calls are made, too. Different virtual assistants have differing strengths, so you should find one who will be your most effective support for your business.

The great thing about a virtual assistant, is that you only pay for the time you buy. And, as a VA should make you more effective, then the cost will be easy to justify as it should enable you to increase sales of your core goods or services.

So, what’s stopping you? If you are running flat out, and not seeing enough of your family, it’s time to take the sensible step of finding a VA to help ease the burden of your busy workload.
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