Plan ahead for springtime business growth

For many businesses, the end of one year and the beginning of the next, are points in the year when it is good to take stock. Business activity tends to drop away over the holiday period, allowing a time for reflection and to plan for the year ahead.

And just as nature uses spring time as a period for rekindling and growth, so for business this season is often a time when new initiatives are taken, new clients and new accounts are fought for, and activities generally get busier. The new year is also the time when companies small and large plan for their team’s annual leave, or book holidays and time away from work.

At Time Wise VA, we regularly hear from clients who are planning ahead, to arrange spring time support. We can provide a range of administrative functions to help ease the workload, as business gets busier. Sometimes, it is due to a new business or marketing initiative, which requires extra input from the team in the office. In this case, a virtual assistant can provide support through the season, taking key administrative tasks off the hands of busy team members.

The other type of spring time support that a virtual assistant can provide, is holiday cover. Many staff, particularly if they are parents, may like to book holiday or vacation time off work around the Easter break, to coincide with school holidays. Those who like winter sports may be heading off to the Alps, for a week of skiing or snowboarding.

If you have your team’s holiday rota planned, then that is a great opportunity to pre-book the support of a virtual assistant. They can take on a wide range of support tasks, to ensure that the rest of the team, who are not on holiday, do not suffer due to a lack of manpower while others are away.

Spring time is also a great season for getting back in touch with past clients and customers, who may not have done business with you for a while. Give a virtual assistant access to your customer database, and have them make contact by phone, email or post, to rekindle those relationships. It’s always easier to sell to an existing customer, than to find a new one.

And spring cleaning is also a key task. For businesses, that can often mean tidying up email accounts, customer databases and other electronic filing systems, so that the business can function more efficiently through the year.

So, plan a smooth 2017 and book your spring time support with Time wise VA today.

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