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Outsource to a Virtual Assistant this Summer

How are you surviving the heat and stress of the summer season? Whether it’s maintaining a cool, comfortable working environment, or juggling staff resources, there are plenty of challenges during the warmer months of the year.

So, why not take one of your summer siestas, or a few minutes of your family holiday, to think ahead and plan for a successful autumn. Once the children go back to school in early September, there follows a period when many businesses knuckle down, place orders, win business and get into full flow as the nights start to draw in. Now is the time to think about outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant.

As the year end comes into view, many large corporates may have budgets to spend, and departments often have annual plans to prepare for the new calendar year. If you run a smaller business, you need to be wise to that behaviour, and to plan accordingly. That means ensuring you have the resources in place to concentrate on the opportunities this time of year throws out for you.

So, if you need help getting your business in order, why not contact a virtual assistant for support. There are plenty of tasks you can outsource, leaving your own time free to concentrate on making bids for new business, and searching for opportunities presented as year-end budgets need to be placed by the public sector and larger private businesses alike. Make this year the year that you get your accounts ready in good time, and be ahead of the game!

And, if you did have a stressful summer with staff taking holidays, why not put a plan in place to avoid a similar issue in the upcoming festive season and New Year break. If you struggled to maintain cover with staff taking holidays, you don’t need to repeat the problem! Take a look at what might be stress points over the coming season, and make plans to engage support instead.

A virtual assistant can be hired to provide business cover, helping staff with peak workloads and acting as a temporary replacement, only working remotely rather than in your offices, if personnel are off for Christmas or New Year breaks. Get these systems and processes in place now, before you really need them. Liaise and decide how emails, phone calls, invoicing, payment chasing and other cloud-based tasks can be shared and outsourced with a trusted VA – and be sure to interview more than one, just to be sure you have the right person for your needs.

Make this year the one that you add a virtual assistant to your staff resource. Ultimately flexible, as you only pay for the time you use your VA, and if successful, your VA could soon become an important part of your team, ensuring your clients or customers receive a consistent level of service throughout the year, whatever the season – and whoever’s on holiday.

So what are you waiting for, call Time Wise VA today on 0161 211 9837 to discuss outsourcing and growing your business or contact us here.

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