Manage stress effectively with the help of a virtual assistant

It’s easy to get into a situation where your workload creates unhealthy levels of stress. We all experience stress, and a certain amount is actually good for us, but at times when things start to get too much, it is important to have a plan in place, to reduce stress levels.

Whether it is simply too much to do, or a feeling that the work-life balance has become, well, a little unbalanced, you need to act. Simply ploughing through in the hope that things will improve may be a plan, but it is not necessarily a sensible one. Health – both mental and physical – can start to suffer, if you are under too much stress.

It is easy to tell yourself that there is no other solution, that everything which is outstanding needs to be done by you and you alone. But that’s rarely actually true. And, as many of the most successful business people acknowledge, it is knowing when to ask for help, that sets the winners apart.

If you work on your own, or have a small business without spare staff to draft in for assistance, then a virtual assistant can perform this valuable role. Find a virtual assistant that looks like the sort of person you can work with, and then ask them about outsourcing some of your workload. Different VAs will have different skill sets, and a quick discussion will establish the easy wins – tasks you can quickly let go of, for a virtual assistant to carry out for you.

What could you ask your VA to do for you? They could send out and chase up invoices and payments, follow up sales leads, make sure your marketing activities carry on as you would like them to. If there are presentations or important documents to prepare, those can be completed to your satisfaction. Perhaps bookkeeping needs getting up to date, or your expenses need ordering? There are plenty of tasks that can be carried out efficiently and remotely, if only you are ready to give life with a virtual assistant a try.

Compared to a member of staff, or even part-time help, a virtual assistant is much more versatile and cost-effective. Ask them to carry out tasks they are competent to complete, and experienced in managing, and remember you will only pay for the time they have actually worked for you – no holidays, no going off sick.

If you are stressed out, you will soon see the benefits of asking a virtual assistant to share your workload. With less on your plate, you can prioritise those tasks you are most capable of doing, and that will give you the greatest return. And you can start to rebalance your life. Often, you will discover that by working less hours, you actually become more productive in the time you do spend working. So, why not begin your destressing solution today, and call Timewise VA?

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