Let Xero be your hero

Times are changing, and for many businesses now, it is time to migrate your accounting and bookkeeping functions to a new, online system. The move will save you time, money and make your business more efficient – but you need to make the jump and commit to change!

It’s no longer good enough to be using first generation software – you know, the sort you load onto your computer, and have to pay handsomely for once again, every time there is an update. These old systems, with software loaded onto your PC, are falling away now as new “software as a service” systems replace them.

The new systems are web-based, and that brings several advantages. First, there’s no need to load up any software – all you need is internet access, from any type of computer. Farewell to the issues of compatibility and hard disk storage space. Web-based systems typically charge you a monthly fee, relative to the scale of your use, and will automatically and instantly update their systems to reflect changes in tax and accounting rules, or when improvements are made.

Which system to choose? At Time wise VA, we are big fans of Xero, an accounting software package that is growing in market share, and we have become highly proficient at using for bookkeeping. It is also widely preferred by accountants, as a way for them to quickly and efficiently receive the bookkeeping information they need, to help prepare accounts.

By having your bookkeeping and accounting on a system such as Xero, you also make it possible to be much more flexible about sharing out workload. You can outsource your bookkeeping to a virtual assistant – and at Time wise, we carry out the bookkeeping function for a wide variety of businesses across the UK.

Paying your virtual bookkeeper is simplicity itself. Our clients simply agree with us about the tasks they would like to be undertaken for them, and then pay a fee depending on the amount of work we do. There’s no need to worry about the complications involved with hiring a member of staff to be your bookkeeper, as you do away with holiday pay, National Insurance and staff sickness – we simply send you an invoice for the work we have completed.

So why not come over all modern, and subcontract your bookkeeping to a qualified virtual assistant such as Time wise? You can even try without long term commitment, if you are initially unsure about this new fangled way of working. But we’re sure that once you have tried it, you will be delighted by the flexibility of using a virtual assistant. Give us a call today on 0161 211 9837 or contact us here

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