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How to Manage a Remote Employee with Adjustment Issues

Much like working from the office, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for employees that work remotely. Remote employees should have a management plan tailored around their unique skills and personality. But for managers in the Covid-19 era, new challenges have presented themselves in how to manage a remote employee with adjustment issues.

Within the office space, it’s convenient and easy to provide immediate support, if required. However, with a lack of face-to-face communication, a disconnect between remote employees and their duties, co-workers, and managers can form – ultimately reflecting negatively in their performance and job satisfaction.

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How to effectively manage remote employees:

1. Provide the best technology

If you’ve been looking into how to manage a remote employee with adjustment issues, start by examining the technology they are using. It should go without saying that technology is going to be the bedrock of a successful remote-working policy at your business. So, if needed, you may need to purchase a new computer or software that provides the familiarity your employees need to feel comfortable in order to excel. But, don’t be afraid to think bigger too. If your business is using older technology and software, look to upgrade to the industry standard. You can learn more about the best remote working tools available in our last blog.

2. Encourage communication

It’s not always easy for people to go from a bustling workplace to a quiet home environment. This is where a tailored communication plan may be vital in learning how to effectively manage remote employees with different needs. Reach out to any remote workers you feel may be struggling with isolation and encourage dialogue, either through chat systems like Slack or face-to-face video calls through Zoom or Skype.

3. Build your employees’ confidence

Maintaining productivity is essential for an effective manager, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of the relationship you have with your team. You need to trust your employees when they are working remotely and foster a positive environment that doesn’t add unnecessary stress. If you see a member of your team struggling, try to reduce their workload and assist them with better organising their day while working from home. They may simply need a carrot-on-a-stick approach rather than emphasising deadlines – even if the latter may have produced positive outcomes within the office environment.

4. Facilitate collaboration when possible

As mentioned, solitude can be difficult for some employees. If this is the case, group those having adjustment issues together to collaborate on projects. Even the smallest forms of collaboration can help to reinvigorate spirits, cure loneliness, and improve productivity.  

5. Don’t be afraid to offer praise

Any good manager will know how to balance praise and constructive feedback during normal times, but you may need to reconsider this during a disruptive time (much like what we’re experiencing with Covid-19). While constructive feedback is normally exactly what an employee needs to grow and make changes, it could have the reverse effect if they are experiencing adjustment issues. Assign easily accomplishable tasks to help build up their confidence and provide you with an opportunity to offer them praise for a successfully completed assignment.

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