How startups can make the most of a VA

When you are starting a new venture or new business, there are a hundred and one things to think about. You probably need an experienced administrator to help you handle all those important tasks, as getting set up right with the right systems will pay dividends later.

But – and here’s the big issue for most startups – you probably cannot afford to hire a member of staff. Employing people is an expensive business, when you consider the recruitment process, getting them onboard and up to speed, paying tax and National Insurance and considering days lost to sickness and holidays. Plus, if you hire someone, you’ll usually need to have a safe working environment for them to work in, meaning office space to rent. And they’ll need a computer and all sorts of other expensive equipment, in order for them to work.

So, here’s a much better way to get the support you need, in a far more cost-effective way. Simply track down a virtual assistant, and get them to help you build your new business. You only need to pay for their time that you actually use, and you can ask them to support you with those tasks that need doing, but maybe you are less than proficient at.

A VA is a great administrator, and so will help you keep on track as you go through those exciting few months of your startup. And a virtual assistant will not need any office space, and will already have their own essential office equipment, computer and so on, meaning another saving for your cash-strapped startup.

You can use your VA for all sorts of tasks – often, the list is only limited by your own imagination. And you can communicate with them in a way that suits you best, whether that’s regular phone calls, email or by video link using services such as Skype, Google plus or FaceTime.

Use a VA, and you will be following in the footsteps of many successful business people. Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and author, describes in his book “The 4-hour Work Week”, how he used a virtual assistant to help him build a business, getting them to help with key tasks which left his time free to pursue growth.

You can choose a virtual assistant locally in the UK or Europe, or further afield. Do be aware that, if you select a VA from another part of the world, you will need to consider cultural and language issues, as well as a time difference – so it may be more practical to hire a UK based VA, who will more immediately understand your needs. You don’t want to waste time training an individual, when an experienced VA locally will be able to get to work right away.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t struggle with those initial tasks, ask us here at Time Wise VA to help set up your startup with systems that prepare it for smart growth!

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