How efficient are you at producing documents?

Most of us learn to drive, and like to think we’re pretty good drivers. And a very similar scenario occurs at our desk, where most of us can manage word processing, so we think we’re fine at it.

But wait a minute – how good are you, really, at word processing? Many of us use the global leader in word processing software, Microsoft Word – but actually, the vast majority of us use barely 5% of the software’s capabilities. And, if we ever went on a training course in how to use it, chances are it was so long ago that those who did will have forgotten when that was.

So what, you say – we’re all in the same boat. Well, not quite. A well-qualified administrator such as traditionally schooled secretary, or a virtual assistant, will use Microsoft Word for several hours, every day. And they will be constantly updating their expertise to make the most of the latest upgrades to Word. That makes them much more efficient at producing documents.

So perhaps it’s time you checked out how a virtual assistant can help you produce better documents, more quickly and efficiently. Don’t forget, a VA will most likely be a touch typist, able to type up and edit your document faster than you could. They will know how to format everything from a simple letter to a large report, so that it looks professional and impresses the person receiving it.

They will also know all about how to print and bind hard copies. Alternatively, they can format documents as a PDF, to allow them to be easily sent by email, without the recipient seeing something that looks different from how you intended it to appear.

There are plenty of other resources within Microsoft Word, that you may not be familiar with, but which can make a big difference to how your documents appear. Formatting tables, images and photographs the right way will ensure your documents read well and look just right – the alternative, amateur approach may be OK for you, but will it win you business, or impress important clients?

So, step back for a moment. Imagine that a virtual assistant is taking care of all your documents – turning your rough, badly spelt and poorly formatted drafts into highly professional letters, reports and sales presentations. How much time and trouble would that save you – and how much better would they look? And, with the time you save, what could you do more of, that you are really good at – maybe sales calls, or other business development activities, for example.

What are you waiting for? It is high time you gave a virtual assistant a try, so you can learn how much word processing you could have completed for you, more efficiently and effectively. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you. And you can then learn how to apply the time saved, to either benefit your business, or achieve a better work-life balance.

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