How do you choose the best CRM system?

If you are wondering about which CRM system is best for you, why not ask a virtual assistant to help you?

CRM, or a customer relationship management system, is the key to many successful businesses. Having a system that manages information about customers, clients and suppliers ensures that important dates don’t get missed, and enables sales to be maximised. It will save time, money, and enable a user to grow their business, without administration becoming an absolute nightmare.

There are a wide selection of CRM systems available. Some are traditional software programmes, which are loaded onto a computer or server. Increasingly, newer CRM systems are cloud-based, meaning they reside on a remote server, with no need to upload software onto your local PCs. Instead, you simply access your CRM data via an internet connection.

So, what should you choose? Salesforce, Act! and Maximiser are three well-known names, and there are plenty of other systems, each with their own features, costs and benefits, including some designed for specific business sectors or niches.

You need to work out the type of features you want your CRM system to have, and the tasks you need it to achieve for you. This can be a daunting task, so one great idea is to ask a virtual assistant to help you choose the best system for your needs.

A virtual assistant will often have familiarity with several systems, having used them for different clients. That means they have a practical awareness of how rival CRM systems work, from the user’s point of view – the important stuff that the sales material won’t tell you! So, ask for their advice, and explain what you think your system needs to do for you. Your VA may then be able to add further ideas, perhaps ways you had not considered, for how a CRM system will help streamline your business administration, and improve your relationship with clients.

If you are installing software for the first time, or changing from an inappropriate CRM set-up to one more suited to your business, there will be an amount of up-front work to do, in order to get the system working for you. Contact details will need to be uploaded, settings will need working out to best suit your company, and these can take some time.

A virtual assistant can help here, and will probably have experience that means they are familiar with the tasks that need to be completed, before your CRM system is ready to help you grow and streamline your business. Hired for a few hours, your VA will save you many more hours working out how to get the most from your smart new CRM software.

So, rather than spend lots of time trying to work out which CRM system will be best for you, Get in touch with Time Wise VA by calling 0161 211 9837 or contact us here, our experience means we can reduce the time you spend, and we can help you ensure you select the CRM that will fit you best.

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