How can a virtual assistant help make you more efficient?

Do you ever feel your week is being overtaken with administrative tasks, worthy but dull jobs or simply stuff that doesn’t float your boat? Perhaps you worry that important sales and marketing efforts are being left to one side, as you attend to boring but important support work.

If so, perhaps now is the time to consider using a virtual assistant, or VA. It could transform your effectiveness.

A virtual assistant can give you all the benefits of a fully employed personal assistant, without the need to keep them busy or pay them full time. You simply hire the assistant for the number of hours you need, on an on-demand basis. And there’s no need to provide an office for them to work in – they’ll work remotely for you. With today’s communication channels – phone, email, video conferencing via Skype or Google Hangouts – it’s as good as having someone working with you in the next room, even if they are half way across the country.

So, what can a virtual assistant do for you? Within reason, pretty much anything you need, to help make your week more efficient. For a start, there is a whole number of computer-based tasks such as designing and updating Excel spreadsheets, updating Access databases, preparing presentations in Powerpoint, and word processing that can be executed for you, by qualified and experienced assistants.

How do you hire a virtual assistant? You can either agree to pay fixed prices for specific tasks or projects, or you can pay by the hour. There are plenty of people who agree a monthly fee for a regular amount of work, so that their administration is guaranteed to be up to date, week in, week out. Often, virtual assistant users discover that their administrative support pays for itself, because they free up their time to do what they are really good at – such as closing sales, delivering highly paid consultancy or speeches, and so on.

All you need to do is let go, provide clear instructions – and then get on with the next thing on your to-do list. You’ll be both surprised and delighted when that important task you have been meaning to get round to, suddenly appears in your email inbox, fully completed and up to date.

Often, busy professionals will use a virtual assistant to help them make appointments and arrange calendar bookings; or make follow-up phone calls. And when it comes to managing finances, Timewise VA is fully qualified to provide bookkeeping support, using either Sage or Xero online accounting systems. This can include credit control, creating invoices and following up to ensure they get paid.

So maybe you want to be more efficient in 2016, improve your operational efficiency and spend more quality time with your family or loved ones. If so, get in touch and find out how cost-effective it will be to use a virtual assistant to help run your life. Simply call Timewise VA now on 0161 211 9837 – or if you are reading this out of office hours, drop us an email to and we’ll be straight back to you or complete our Contact Form. Oh, and if you are reading this out of office hours, that probably means you are working late, so you could definitely do with our help!

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