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Hiring a VA – get your business back on track

Growing a business can be a challenge. And one of the biggest challenges is managing growth. With the excitement of growth, and an increase in orders and contracts, comes the headache of ensuring that all the vital functions of the business continue to operate efficiently. Did you know that hiring a VA could be one of the smartest business decisions you could make.

If you find yourself in that position, there is often the danger that a vital business activity gets left behind in the rush to complete what needs doing urgently. And the activities that get left behind, while they seem less urgent, are ultimately no less important to the continued growth of the business.

Forget about invoicing or chasing up payments, and you’re heading towards a cashflow crisis. Ignore your regular sales and marketing activities, and there is a danger that your order flow will be impacted a few months down the line, with business diving just as you come out of your mad busy patch.

How can you avoid these problems? Well, you could hire extra staff, to ensure you have capacity for more business into the future. That takes time, adds overhead, and could leave you with permanent human resources costs that you don’t need to shoulder, for the rest of the year. What if your current busy situation doesn’t endure, and you do not have enough work for an enlarged team, a couple of quarters into the future?

A far better alternative is to hire help now, quickly, and in a flexible way that doesn’t risk upsetting your permanent overheads. The solution is hiring a va, a virtual assistant, someone who is skilled, on hand to help, and will only cost you money when you actually use them. In contrast with a permanent hire, there’s no need to find them space to work, a computer and desk, nor will there be recruitment costs. Using a VA means you only get billed for the hours they use, and you won’t have to foot the bill for holiday pay or cover for sickness.

The advantages of hiring a va

A virtual assistant can help with those important but not urgent tasks, from bookkeeping to keeping the sales function operating, and they can operate to a schedule that won’t get knocked sideways while you give all your hours to servicing clients, and fulfilling urgent orders. What’s even better is that you can start finding and briefing a VA today – and within less than a week, you’ll be seeing a positive impact on your business, as work that’s been getting into a backlog is suddenly – and efficiently – taken care of.

You can keep in touch with your virtual assistant in any way that suits you, via email or the phone, or with a regular catch-up on Skype or Facetime. Whichever you choose, you will be clear in knowing where your workload is, and what’s been achieved by this magical helper who sits some distance away, but is on the case for you. A VA knows how to integrate software and office systems seamlessly, so that your communication can be instant, and your assistant can appear to be an employee in your team, as far as customers are concerned.

So get your business up to date today, and start think about hiring a VA. For more information on how the Virtual Assistant services from Time Wise VA can have a positive impact on your business, call today on 0161 211 9837 to discuss growing your business or contact us here.

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