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Hire a Virtual Assistant for those busy periods

Whenever your business has a seasonal lull, that is the ideal time to plan ahead for your next busy patch. So, while you might enjoy a little downtime and catch your breath, it’s important to be ready when the phone starts ringing again, so plan ahead a hire a virtual assistant for those busy periods.

Hire a Virtual Assistant and watch your productivity grow

It’s also worth bearing in mind that in today’s competitive business environment, standing still is never the best option. Your peers and business rivals will be coming up with new ideas, launching new initiatives and seeking out new areas into which to expand their activities. You need to be thinking in the same sort of way – or you could face the challenge of being marginalised.

One way to ensure you are ready for the next drive to grow your business, is to consider how outsourcing key administrative tasks to a virtual assistant might help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness. If you’ve never thought of this, then think again – successful companies large and small do this, on a daily basis.

For large companies there are outsourcing groups, and subcontractors. For smaller businesses that require a more flexible approach, the answer is to hire a virtual assistant. And there are a range of VAs to choose from, each with their own specific skillset. You just need to find a VA you can work with, who will be skilled at performing the tasks you need them to execute for you.

How do you choose what to outsource? Well, start with any tasks you have backed up – for example, is your invoicing behind where it ought to be; are you failing to exploit social media to promote your activities; is your marketing a bit hit and miss? These are the sorts of things a virtual assistant can help you with, as well as many more.

Once you have covered those items, then think about tasks you carry out, but which get in the way of real revenue-earning activities. Perhaps there are additional items you can add to your list of outsourced tasks. The help a virtual assistant provides will give you more time to concentrate on business development, and on executing profit-generating activities.

Hiring  Virtual Asssitant is cost effective

You may think it would be more comfortable to have a part time assistant working alongside you, in your office. But if you want a more cost effective and flexible solution, then you should hire a virtual assistant. You don’t need to put a virtual assistant on the payroll, or pay them holiday pay, or cover when they are off sick. A virtual assistant will be available online or on the phone, and you simply pay for the amount of their time that you use.

So, what are you waiting for? Start today, write down the key tasks you spend your day working on, and decide which ones a VA could usefully do for you. For many smart business people, they will notice the increase in their productivity when they hire a virtual assistant. call Time Wise VA today on 0161 211 9837 to discuss outsourcing and growing your business or contact us here.

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