Get your bookkeeping in shape

How organised is your bookkeeping? Is everything up to date, with invoices all raised, payments received up to date, and all expenses allocated and recharged as they should be?

Thought not – and that’s why it may be just the right time to consider using a virtual assistant to help you out with your bookkeeping. These are the essential building blocks to ensure your business builds and becomes successful. Yet, in many small businesses, administrative items such as bookkeeping can be left behind, as it is all hands on deck to help look for new business, or serve existing customers.

At Timewise VA we help many small and medium sized businesses with their bookkeeping, ensuring that this vital administrative task is kept on top of. As a cost-effective outsourcing service, we take care of financial administration, ensuring that it remains up to date and allowing for business owners to easily see how their business is performing.

The small outlay of using a virtual assistant for bookkeeping is generally recouped in the savings made. Expenses get recorded more accurately, and costs can be recharged to clients while invoices are generally sent out more promptly than in the past.

At Timewise, we use the Xero cloud-based accounting package, as it provides a number of clear benefits for clients. As we have become experienced Xero partners, we are very time-efficient when using it, and are able to guide new clients as to the best way to exploit its many features. And, at the end of the year, our Xero files can be provided directly to your accountant, enabling them to produce timely accounts with the minimum of effort, further cutting the cost of professional fees in your business.

As a cloud-based system, Xero is very flexible, and it enables your virtual assistant to contribute as much as you want, to the bookkeeping function. Gone are the days when piles of receipts were kept in a plastic bag or in a pile on the desk, to hand to an accountant at the end of a quarter. Instead, many receipts can now be stored online, or scanned using smartphone apps, ensuring costs are captured; they can then be correctly allocated, before you forget what you paid, and on whose behalf!

So, take a moment to be honest to yourself. Is your bookkeeping function in need of a makeover? If so, make contact with Timewise VA and we can discuss how taking your bookkeeping function over, using modern facilities such as Xero, could transform your situation. Go on, you know you need to do it – make that call today 0161 211 9837 or Contact us here!

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