Entrepreneurs increase success by using a virtual assistant

One of the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs, is knowing when to get help. None of us are experts at everything we need to do, and the best among us know this.

They simply hire in other people to support and help – and often, the reason to hire that help is because there’s a degree of expertise or experience that others can bring to the task at hand. Often, the easiest way to start buying in help and support is by using a flexible support, such as that provided by us here at Time Wise VA.

Forget the idea of hiring a secretarial support, or office assistant. The much easier way to start benefitting from an assistant is to hire a virtual assistant. A VA is someone who works remotely, usually somewhere else in the country, but who is on hand to deliver support. Thanks to modern technology, from email to smartphones and cloud computing, this is generally seamless – so much so, that many people in contact with virtual assistants assume they are members of staff.

What can you outsource to a virtual assistant? Well, that comes down to what you need help with, and what are the areas of expertise of the virtual assistant. Remember, no two are alike, so you may need to contact more than one, to find the person or team best suited to your needs. It could be that you need help with accounting or your expenses, or with preparing sales presentations.

Perhaps you need data files updating or cleansing, your invoices need bringing up to date or you need late payers chasing up. There are a range of tasks that you can delegate to a reliable virtual assistant.

Paying for the services a virtual assistant performs is very simple, either you agree a price for a specific task, or you commit to paying an agreed hourly rate for carrying out the work you need to be completed. And then, when the invoice comes in, you simply pay it – no need to work out tax, holiday pay or National Insurance contributions, as you would with an employee.

As with so many things that we look back on and wonder how we did without them, so working with a virtual assistant can really help transform your effectiveness and workload. As an entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to delegate and leverage the time of others, in order to achieve your business and personal goals. So don’t wait, start a list today of the tasks you need help with – and contact us here at Time Wise Virtual VA – you’ll be glad you did!

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