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With the air full of new year resolve, what resolutions will you make – and keep – to help ensure your life is better in the coming year?
One area that will always benefit from a new year makeover is your business administration. Take a cold, hard look at this area of your activities, and you will often discover ways to make simple improvements, which can deliver significant results. And we are not just talking time saved at work; often, that saved time translates into more quality time to spend with your family and friends, a priceless benefit. One of the biggest benefits would be to speak to Manchester Virtual Assistant Time Wise VA about how they can streamline your business administration.

If you don’t have the luxury of working in a large company or organisation, where secretarial and administrative support is on hand when you want it, then do consider hiring the services of a virtual assistant. A VA will provide you with on-demand support, to do precisely what you ask them to do, and you only pay for the time you use. No need to employ staff, worry about holiday pay or sickness, a virtual assistant works on a pay-as- you-use basis, so can be highly cost-effective.

There are many ways to find a virtual assistant, but probably the most practical way is to use a UK-based VA. The biggest advantage of using Manchester Virtual Assistant Time Wise VA is that they are in the same time zone as you, and can be easily reached by phone or email anytime, for updates as you work together. And if you want to see your VA, you can always FaceTime or Skype to discuss specific work projects.

What should you outsource to a VA? Take a day or two to write down the different tasks you carry out, during a working day. Some will be your core skills, things you are really good at, and activities that inspire you and add real value to your business. Others may be more of a chore, something you are less interested in or diligent at completing. Pick out the latter activities, and see which could be usefully carried out on your behalf by a virtual assistant. The list might include such things as responding to initial enquiries, checking email inboxes, managing expenses and bookkeeping, preparing PowerPoint presentations. There are plenty of tasks you can effectively outsource, once you put your mind to it.

What about the cost? Well, if you use a VA effectively, you get more time to focus on doing what really creates value for you. If you are a great marketer, or business consultant, why not free up more time to sell to clients, at high rates, while the VA does the other important tasks that are not your core focus? The cost of the virtual assistant’s time ought to be better value than if you were to do those tasks yourself.

And then you need to decide what to do with the time you have freed up. Spend it chasing more business, and growing your organisation? Or commit to spend more time with your loved ones, whether that’s reading bedtime stories, helping with homework, or taking your partner out to the theatre. For many people, it’s the latter. Using a VA really can help restore work-life balance.

To find out more about how a Virtual Assistant Plan with Manchester Virtual Assistant, Time Wise VA, can help you and your business, please call 0161 211 9837 or email For more information, or contact us here.


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