Ask a virtual assistant to reduce stress in your life

Whether you work on your own or as part of a small team, you are likely to encounter times of the year when your workload increases, leading to a stressful situation.

For many people, even those working in large corporations, it can be difficult to manage such situations. Inevitably, the additional workload of a seasonal rush of business will fall onto the desk of one or two members of the team. Sometimes that is the boss, sometimes it falls to the most reliable or conscientious member of the team.

They may get the job done, but it will be at the expense of their own time usually spent with family, or perhaps working out at the gym – what’s supposed to be personal free time. And these days, it is less likely that they will be paid overtime for their extra efforts. If you work on your own, or have your own one person business, then the responsibility always falls on you to manage the peaks of workload.

A build up of stress may not be immediately obvious, but small changes can lead to potentially larger consequences. For example, if a parent does not get to see their child as normal before junior goes to bed, then the consequence could be they start to play up and cause problems, or start to exhibit other bad behaviour habits.

So, what’s to do? Many people may think about hiring extra staff, either permanently or on a temporary basis, to help out. But there is often a worry that the time spent training or managing the new recruit will simply add to the workload that is backing up.

A far better alternative is to turn to a virtual assistant. You will be able to find a virtual assistant with the skills you need, who can quickly come to your rescue by taking important, urgent assignments from you. What’s more, you only pay for a virtual assistant for as much or as little as you use them, and there’s no need to find them a desk or worry about staff pay or National Insurance contributions.

You will be surprised at the range of jobs, tasks and duties a virtual assistant can carry out for you, and most have a wide range of experience and business skills. Think of a virtual assistant as a great value stress-buster! Simply decide what you need help with, and ask. You will only pay for their input by the hour, and receive a straightforward invoice later for the time spent working on your behalf. Using a VA could transform your efficiency, and will certainly reduce your stress levels.

So, are you about to face the holiday season or spend the next few weeks chasing around, without a life, in order to keep up with workload or seasonal demand? Perhaps it’s time you took a closer look at how a virtual assistant can change the way you work, for the better. Why not get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you?

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